The connection between Tai Chi, Yoga & Transformation

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One of the most powerful common attributes of Yoga and Tai Chi is that during the practice of a particular asana or a tai chi movement, you have to be absolutely present. That is why it is classified as a Mindful Movement. You become totally focused, noting your balance, feet positions, breathing, degree of stretch and twisting involved.


With practice you learn how to stay balanced while you are in what might be seen as an awkward position while totally engaged in the present moment.


TRANSFORMATION includes the movement and a brief pause with each movement that allows for you to do a bit of monitoring. If you do it in 90 seconds there is not much time to pause and do a self-evaluation of balance, breathing, or emotional state.


Tasking five or 6 minutes to go through all 20 steps, allows for an opportunity to be more thoroughly present in the moment for each of the 20 steps in the practice.

One thought on “The connection between Tai Chi, Yoga & Transformation

  1. You are correct in commenting on the loss of opportunities for self monitoring while moving relatively fast compared to average Tai Chi flow. I do not teach this form in demonstrating or practicing Tai Chi. TRANSFORMATION TAI CHI is about giving a practitioner a tool chest of gestures for engagement with the outside world using some Tai Chi and some yoga movements. I teach Tai Chi 24 for basic training in Tai Chi as a meditative, self awareness exercise. I use TRANSFORMATION TAI CHI to start my day, start meetings and musical events. People enjoy standing up and moving their arms for a minute and half. Two minutes is too long for the average American. A minute and half to sink into a brain a set of values, or can we say a social reference compuus as they make small decisions throughout the day.

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