Being home schooled in playing the French horn from the 4th grade launched me into the universe of musical sounds.

My Ph.D. These topic was on how fish hear underwater. I played horns: French horn, trumpet, tuba all through primary, secondary and high school.

In Mexico I took up the guitar and that has been my base since. Well, ukulele and harmonica years are in the mix, but now my love is playing the guitar and singing.

I have performed at Davis Symphony Hall, the Country Hall of Fame Music, Carnegie Hall and numerous less impressive venues, with big and small groups over a life time.

Original songs recently recorded in San Francisco

Most of my original songs have come as flash downloads out consciousness, then embellished through collaborations and experience. I practice almost every day and strive to play or sing with others once a week.

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Join me for a jam or download a song, but most of all, I want you to keep on giving voice, to your won unique vibration, to your own feelings and intuition. Keep on singing.