Writing stories has been a long held aspiration.

For years I have spontaneously made up stories about events and hear myself telling a story with animation and the feelings of the participants. Somehow I feel filled with a million stories, poems, songs and scripts. At times when I write, a sense of just letting it flow on the keyboard leads to ideas that surprise me, the writer. It is less about channeling and more about the sense of discovery that is opening up before me.

Books I have published so far (with more to come):

An adventure autobiography in Hawaii, the Middle East, Africa.  Join me and my courageous women companions on a litany of dangerous and near-death experiences.


Somatic learning of interpersonal skills based on an integration of body movements and deeply rooted affirmations.



Join me for a jam or download a song, but most of all, I want you to keep on giving voice, to your own unique vibration, to your own feelings and intuition. Keep on singing.

Check out my musical journey and songs I have recorded:



Spiritual Journey Retreat

March 2024

A deeper path using binaural beat technology, practice your skill of seeing deeper, remotely, your future and the nature of your spiritual journey. Introduction to CRV, and journeys in altered states of conscious.


Lighten Up! Retreat

Dates Coming Soon

Learn different meditation techniques to soften your integration with the challenging events of life.



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Often retained as an expert witness or for marine biological assessments,
join Bud on low tide rocky shoreline adventures in Northern California.