A spiritual journey with many steps, stops and appreciation for understanding a beginning and ending to your journey in life

Join me in an Inner Journey Retreat in Costa Rica in mid November 2023

Give yourself a week of meditation preparation, then fly to Costa Rica and get a cab to the retreat location. Spend most of 6 days and 5 nights in deep meditative states supported by binaural beat into your headphones and post dives for discussions, and a chance to give voice to and writing about your post dive contemplation of your experiences. You may even choose to be part of a co-authors-ship of a new book on this set of experiences. This is going to be a lot of fun!

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Day 1: Arrive in Costa Rica and settle into your room and do the meet and greet with other participants and the Guides. Introduce us to yourself and share your journey and intentions. Get an introduction to binaural beat technology and brain physiology and mechanics. There will be some discussion based on Buddhist and Hindu teachings, especially capabilities identified in spiritual guides such as Patanjali, A Course in Miracles, Sufis and others, that are stepping stones to stages of knowing yourself by deeper concentration, contemplation, mindfulness and humility/gratitude inner journeys. Get a good nights sleep.

The evenings are free time. I generally sit down to play my guitar for twenty minutes of so. Most of my songs were sing-along types with a message. If you bring a musical instrument we can jam. But feel free to walk around town, have a meal out at a local venue or dance. Simply practice having a relaxing good time. I do not encourage the use of alcohol or drugs during this inner journey. but they are themselves not the issue. What is very important is understanding what exogenous chemicals do to our relationships, and to your body during a spiritual journey. Local government laws prevail.

Day 2: Get moving by 7 AM. Tai Chi on the beach or jog or do your own work out. Most of the day you are going to be sedentary so get your blood moving, breath deep, trigger the whole body in a way that works for you. I will do TRANSFORMATION TAI Chi and then swim. Then a light breakfast at 8. Chat with others. We will do two exercises in the AM and three in the PM each day. Meet at 9 to get an introduction to the practice of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) and seeing through another persons eyes. These are procedures that are comparatively easy to learn. It blows my mind every time.

Day 3: Exercise and breakfast as you are inclined. You may want a break to process all that you experienced in the previous days. That is OK and honors your own journey. The binaural beat practices will be exercises in seeing the future and past; your future and your past, multigenerational linkages and extend the practice to other things or energy fields and a deeper understanding of the movement of Karma.

Day 4: Nurture yourself as needed and meet at 9 for journeys into healing, moving chi, channeling and meeting your personal guide and taking a shot at astral travel.

Day 5: An open day. You may be exhausted, confused and need time to process. Maybe hang out at the beach and journal. Maybe go back and practice some of the exercises that mean the most to you or leave and vacation. These are skills that are developed as in learning to play musical instruments. Practice. And then practice some more. Get discouraged but keep on practicing, and then one day suddenly you will get it. It generally happens but only after a lot of practice or if you are gifted with some degree of talent you may discover a bigger picture of your self. If you are a writer, leave your files with me as I start the book on this retreat’s experiences.

Day 6: Go back and practice some of the exercises that mean the most to you or leave and vacation.


THOUGHTS ON WHAT TO BRING: Bring an attitude that you want to learn. But on this physical plane you need to think of Costa Rica as tropical and near the end of the rainy season. Pack sun screen, a rain poncho, hat etc. Check a good travel guide for packing suggestions. A roller bag and small day pack works for many. Meditate in any way you see fit for a week or more, before leaving for Costa Rica. Consider bringing a iPad or small computer to write your thoughts. I am likely to write a book about this retreat and your contribution may make it stronger.

MATERIALS: Each participant will need to have a set of earphones that link to binaural programs. I recommend the Bose Quiet Comfort that have noise cancelling for the airplane trip, wireless Bluetooth enabled, so you do not have wires to sort out as you move, and the oval shape ear cup to block out environmental sounds. Your guide will encourage you to make your own selection of recordings to buy and download over the web. There are numerous binaural beat or hemi sync recordings available on the web.

DATE: November 12 to 18, 2023

COST: $3300 to cover room and meals. Deposit of $500

LEADER: Your guide will be Bud (AKA Robert R. Abbott,Ph.D). A student of many religions and philosophies, having lived in a dozen foreign countries and practiced their local religions. My Ph.D theses topic was related to developing an audiogram for salmon, so I inevitably have a hard science, vibration perspective on many things but I have also had so many paranormal experiences, altered states experiences I can not do more than be aware which lens I am looking through. I was a Northern California A Course In Miracles leader for a while and a long time student of Tai Chi, as a moving meditation practice. I am a student of the Monroe Institute with 3 one week long trainings. I give them credit for launching me in my own journey using a binaural beat technology. There are many other reports of the science behind this process. The process of going to Costa Rica is for me myself to dedicate time to do this heart felt journey.


*This is not the type of experience for people with significant psychological issues. I am not a psychologist, tour guide or shaman. I have no certifications for doing this. You are on your own as to safety and health. The food will be good but you are responsible for arranging your specials needs meals with the restaurant staff. I do not belong to any particular organizations or school but I am a Universal Life Minister. Yah, I paid my money got the paperwork done. I am doing this retreat to share some of what I have experienced in my 82 years that includes living, working and worshiping in a dozen countries, and a life long student of other peoples spiritual journeys and the down fall of so many leaders of spiritual movements. Read my books TRANSFORMATION and APPETITE FOR RISK and my resume on my web page to get an idea of the persona of your guide.