Poking around tide pools as a kid, and family fishing trips to Mexico were clear drivers for me to flow into a career as a Marine Biologist. A fish culture project in Nigeria lead to seeking an advanced degree and understanding of aquatic life forms. There is a clear trajectory of my career as a international consulting marine biologist from industrial fishing, my years in Hawaii as a charter boat skipper fishing for giant blue marlin, then to a shift to habitat restoration for fish and shellfish.

Sign up for a beach and shore line walk and talk during summer low tides

I am still active as a consultant and expert witness for cases related to the aquatic environment but my most fun times are walking the shoreline at seasonal low tides in Northern California.

About four times a year, come and see what is hanging out in a tide pool, move a rock and put it back as you watch the hidden critters scramble. Learn more about ecosystem dynamics and habitat restoration. It is always fun!


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