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Book Flat Rate


Fundraise from selling books and songs to support the following:


MARINE LIFE: Every Second Breath. Half of the oxygen we breath comes from plants in the ocean. A polluted ocean reduces algae and the oxygen we breathe. Everysecondbreathproject.org


ANIMAL LIFE: Biologist Without Borders. Four guided tours per year. Funds expansion of game reserves in Africa, research on wildlife and supports the game wardens with supplies to reduce poaching.  Biologistswithoutborders.org


HOMLESNESS: Larkin Street Youth. Supports youth being forced out of foster care by age and assists in entering life as an adult. Larkinstreetyouth.org


CLIMATE CHANGE: Reflecting solar energy back into space with white reflective paint, mylar, and similar approaches helps remove the heat trapped by carbon dioxide. Most cost-effective way! MEER.ORG


WOMEN ADVANCEMENT- TENESU: A Program for training and reducing violence against women and girls in Ethiopia. inquiries@tenesu.com

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