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Somatic Learning and Practice with Bud Abbott


We’ve all set goals or intentions and had trouble following through. Here is a short daily practice that will remind you of what’s important. You can also use the principles of somatic learning as a foundation for a more spiritual way of living.

Robert “Bud” Abbott has been a marine biologist, a seeker, a student, and a teacher on a spiritual journey. He is the co-author of Transformation: The 90-Second Mind-Body Practice Integrating Tai Chi and Yoga to Manage Stress and Unlock Your Potential.

Quotes to remember:

“I want to speak my truth. I want to accomplish my goals. I want to be of service.”

“I find myself seeing my daily interaction with the world through the lens of these movements.”


  • Beginning your day with affirmations that are paired with movement is a very effective way to reprogram your mind
  • Feeling the feeling of a spoken word and going through the mental/inner journey of that is important
  • When someone irks you, think: I can move around them, I can flow on by
  • Somatic learning is a powerful way to modify your own behavior
  • The mystical truth of sharing is that the other person is a manifestation of yourself
  • Consciousness goes beyond what’s in the mind

What you’ll learn:

  • What somatic learning is
  • How Mu-i works
  • Questions to ask yourself to engage yourself in your practice more fully
  • A method to feel joy through this embodying practice
  • How to begin your spiritual journey


Listen to Full interview here:

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