The Transformation Tai Chi Daily Practice is an Act of Self Love

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Congratulations! Give yourself a big pat on the back and think how awesome you are because you showed up for your own self-care as soon as you bought this book, Transformation Tai Chi.


This may sound particularly strange to you and your first reaction may be one of resistance. Are you rejecting this way of communicating with yourself in such a positive manner? It could feel foreign and unfamiliar to praise your own good work. Go with this feeling and be open to the possibility that you may need to bring more love of self into your life.


Mindfully notice that inner critic and mean, judgmental voice in your head when it cringes at compliments from anyone. No wonder it is difficult to accept your own well deserved praise, even for the smallest thing. This is an opportunity to catch it when it happens and to turn it around. Try speaking to yourself with kindness and patience as you would a dear friend.


Loving yourself is the healthiest possible thing you could do. Think about it. When you love someone or something, you take care of it. Keeping it healthy with everything it needs. You want the people, plants and pets in your life to thrive. Befriend yourself and enjoy taking good care of your health too.


If you don’t love yourself unconditionally, it is harder to accept it from anyone else. The quality of loving relationships depend on the quality of love each person is bringing with them.


“Manifesting love starts with loving respect for yourself”

Pg 82 of Transformation Tai Chi


Reread the UNFOLD section of the book, and soon you can say “I Feel Love” easier and it will have more meaning. Fill your own cup of self-love to overflowing, so you have more to give back to the world and to the people that rely on you. Self-love is not selfish.


Every day you will feel the increasing love for self and others as you continue your 90 second mind/body practice. This is easily adapted to suit individual needs and if you want to repeat or spend more time at this point of the exercise, it is perfectly perfect for you. Remember to praise your efforts! You deserve it.

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