Transform Your Life With TRANSFORMATION Tai Chi

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When it comes to our health and well-being, what we are searching for is something easy and quick that can literally transform our day.


We need a tool for more effective living in a time of uncertainty and global health crises–especially in a gig–centric work environment where meeting new people from a distance, mastering new computer applications and arriving at temporary job sites or Zoom meetings constitutes the new normal.


Some days are better than others and it all depends on the morning routine we choose for ourselves. This can range from the minimum of splashing water on our face, and sitting at the desk in our pj’s zooming all day, to time costly, working up a sweat, yoga, meditation. These are two possible extremes but we want to aim for a middle way that works for us no matter how our schedule looks on any day of the week.


The medical establishment has announced a new health threat for our society that replaces smoking. The “sitting disease” is now taking over the planet for obvious reasons. The cure is simple, we need to move more but how to move in such a way to encompass the wholeness of health?


There is a movement meditation, perfect for the gig economy, called Transformation Tai Chi that is hitting our sweet spot because it is a morning exercise that combines so many wellness strategies in a few beautiful and fun sequences.


Beginning with ‘Setting an Intention’ in mountain pose with a deep breath, culminating in a “Regard” for what you have accomplished so far and being at “Peace” with it all, ready to enjoy this new day. In between is a series of postures all done standing up that enliven our energetic, physical, spiritual and mental bodies. Every movement has its own affirmation that serves as a reminder to not just survive another day, but to thrive, raise your consciousness and actually make a difference to the world around you.


A daily TRANSFORMATION Tai Chi practice takes only a few minutes, yet it allows you to literally step into a new, higher state of consciousness, deeper sense of clarity and most importantly for any morning, an alignment with your best self.


Someone might tell us to have a wonderful day, “look on the bright side” or “see the glass half full”. Unfortunately, we are never taught on how to actually do that. Now we have TRANSFORMATION Tai Chi to lead us to be more effective in all areas of our life; such as relationships, career goals and the most sought after commodity of all: inner peace. Self trust and self love also increases by the discipline, mindfulness and self awareness that we apply to this practice. A powerful way to set us up for a day full of wonder.


The best part of all, is that you don’t need to be a Master of the Martial Arts to benefit. Anyone that creates space in their busy lives for TRANSFORMATION Tai Chi will be able to shift their energy to fuel the mind, body and spirit to live your life more fully, efficiently and effectively. Enliven every cell in the body. Learn to master your energy without being a master of anything except your own health. See your world unfold more prosperity, vitality, creativity, connection and joy.


Learn this amazing multi-level process to transform your day and as with any healthy habit, it will transform your life.


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