The Power of Combining Affirmations with Mindful Movement

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Every thought we think is creating our future. But where do these thoughts come from? Scientists say that the first seven years of life have established a base for how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. We have soaked up information like little sponges accepting irrational, negative, untrue and often disturbing information along with all the goodness and feelings of safety (or not) from our surroundings.


It is time to replace these self-limiting beliefs that are holding us back and sabotaging our success with positive affirmations. It is possible to reprogram the subconscious mind through repetition and awareness of your inner self talk.


“When you become aware of your thoughts, you can start to change them.”

pg 25 Transformation


Since we have established that our subconscious mind accepts whatever thoughts we choose to believe, then using an affirmation as a tool to change from the inside out, just makes sense. Combining this mental application with physical movement allows for a powerful method of implanting the positive thought into the unconscious brain-body system. This somatic method allows the thought to become dominant in your daily behavior with successful results. We say the words with emotion whether softly or loudly, indoors or in nature, with a slight tilt of the head or a smile but always with conviction that will burn them into the subconscious brain.


“Affirmations are the code for how you will function in your life when you aren’t thinking about it.”

pg 17 Transformation


Once a thought can be changed for the better, life will flow toward a positive experience. Let’s affirm: “I am going to do the TRANSFORMATION Practice now and be open to its beneficial effects on me.” Rest assured that transforming your bad health habits or anything else you want to overcome will become easier when you take charge and create your very own transformation one day at a time.

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