T=SY or TRANSFORMATION Leads to Social Yoga

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When applying a yoga asana or a TRANSFORMATION movement along with the associated affirmation, you gain a tool for mindfully seeing not just your physical situation but also your social situation. Many of the TRANSFORMATION steps are intended to aid you in your interaction with other people. With mindfulness you may note that your mind has drifted off due to a sound such as a barking dog.


You note that you are activating your sense of hearing. Sounds are being detected by your ears and nerves are sending signals to your brain. In yoga you may note that in doing Warrior Pose how you have drifted off balance and need to shift your weight forward or back.


In TRANSFORMATION you may see your mind talk related to “SHARING” or SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH” in a social or professional situation. You may note that you could share less and keep your finances better balanced. You might consider speaking up about your view of how to complete a project and see the delicate balancing act you are going through to keep your job and yet be of “SERVICE”.

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