Catching yourself thinking leads to peace of mind

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When you listen to your mind-talk you are at the threshold of entering a state of profound peace, love and joy. The very first part of TRANSFORMATION is to set your intention and be aware of the thought as you think it. There is no Tai Chi movement involved. The intention is to start to monitor your own thinking processes. I will sometimes look up, or yawn or change my facial expression but most importantly, I am becoming acutely aware that I am thinking words and setting a direction for my unfolding actions in the day ahead.


One of the magic tricks of TRANSFORMATION is that over the course of the day, small acts and gestures are seen to be linked to some of the categories of behavior that I practiced earlier that day in my 90-second exercise. For example, when I tip the waitstaff at a restaurant, I note it as sharing behavior, and almost inevitably leave a bigger tip. And if I take on a professional task, I tend to flash on “Serve”, the act of being genuinely of service. That brief moment of recognition becomes a mental note that I am thinking about what I am doing and as if by magic, I smirk to myself, that I caught myself thinking, and realized the empty space in my mind where a sense of being is momentarily present and I remain at peace with the world.

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